I met Prajakta by accident almost, I was recommended to take my kid to her, but my wife and I decided not to. I was going through some big changes in my life myself and not handling them as well as I could, and asked Prajakta if she’d see me instead. It was one of the best accidents to happen to me. Prajakta never intervened more than she needed to, and sometimes let me talk for a couple of hours at a stretch. The only thing I felt at the end of her sessions was a sense of relief, like I had left some weight behind in that little room. The talks with Prajakta gave me some perspective, and helped me realize that sometimes over analysis of issues isnt going to help you get through this. The best part about getting there is that I never once felt that she was pushing me towards a solution, she made an effort to and understood my approach to life in general, and kept encouraging me to use the same principles that I felt had always worked for me and somehow I was failing to apply. One thing that I did learn then, and still remind myself often – is to be non-critical of myself, and Prajakta played a huge part in putting that into words from my mouth

– Piyush (Name changed)

Gaurai is an extremely dedicated psychological counselor who provides excellent insights in handling children issues, particularly those who are entering into their teens. She has worked with me on couple of occasions and I always found her to be providing excellent recommendations
– Father of a 7 year old boy

Prajakta mam has been not only a counselor but also like a mentor, a friend, who tries to help you come out of any worse situation. She has really taught me to know myself, realize whats right and whats wrong for me, guided to choose right path in life. Along with all this, she has been an inspiration to my mother for the way she talks, the way she teaches to handle anything. I’m really thankful to her for guiding me and my sister so that we can make right decisions in life.

– Akansha (Name changed)

I started consulting Maitreyee more than a year ago. Working with her has helped me tremendously to grow as a person and more importantly to become a better mother. Though our relationship is entirely professional, she put me at ease from day 1. A few things she is strict about, like switching off the phone in a session – which i know is the best thing you can do to connect to anybody. She has helped me through domestic turmoils, professional roadblocks, issues in handling my teenager and pre-teen. What is most endearing is her ability to remember stuff even from 3-4 sessions ago which I would have forgotten. She has immense patience and does not cut you short even if you are running out of time. She has always been available and always been able to see and point the various angles of any situation to me which has helped me build perspective. Her sessions always end with action points which make it easier to connect different sessions. What I like most about her is her ability in bringing you to understand where you could have done things better instead of telling you that directly ! I truly value her presence in my life.
– Lakshmi

As a mother of growing teenage children, Prajakta has guided on different aspects of a teenage mind .It really helped me on how to deal with them and understand their problems. Its her talks which has played a very important role that today I am like  a friend to my children. Now I am able to help them better in their life decisions also am able to mentor them in a better way. I’m really grateful to her for guiding and understanding me and my children so well.

– Akansha (Name changed)

I have known Gaurai for 7 years in the capacity of my counselor. Gaurai was able to understand the nuances of the problem with deep clarity and was able to offer support and suggest pragmatic approaches. Gaurai is an excellent listener and communicates with precision and crispness that makes working with her very engaging and productive.
– Parent seeking parental counseling services

Counselling wasn’t something I’d really thought of or had a lot of faith in but I came across the first professional with whom I have developed the comfort level to “be myself”. You provide a safe, non-judgmental place for me to explore my ongoing feelings and thoughts. And slowly and steadily I now know how to disagree without it becoming a major event. I am also very aware of my own behaviors and how it makes the other person feel. Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push and you have most of time been able to provide me that. I just don’t look at finding a way to vent my feeling but also find a health way for managing emotions and self-growth. Her style is very supportive and empathetic. This really assists me to discover more about myself to manage my life challenges. I am finding great results in my particular journey. Thank you for that. I would recommend every young or maturated to at least try Counselling once in the lifetime to find inner peace within and has I found with Prajakta and my journey has just started

– H.J (Name changed)

Life was good & all but I was losing the enthusiasm & anxiety was creeping in. Got the suggestion from my friend & decided to meet Prajakta, ‘ The Counselor ‘.

And the sessions started. During those sessions, I visited my past

” an opener journey towards myself started with it (sessions). Acceptance came along, so healing in many ways started.

Thank you Prajakta for opening me to myself.

– Rita (Name changed)

Gaurai has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients in a very personal way, still managing to keep the connection professional as ever. She is intent on having your problem solved than worrying about what is in it for her. She is doing a fine job handling her growing work, at the same time providing personal attention to each of her clients. I wish her all the very best!
– Client receiving individual counseling services

I was just entering my teens, and the blues had struck me. Past memories, future worries, all piled on me and I was tearing at the seams. That’s when I came across Counselling India and I immediately approached them. I got a prompt reply from Ms.Prajakta asking me to drop by as soon as possible for a talk. After a few sittings, I felt much more liberated, because I finally let all my feelings out to someone who wasn’t going to judge or poke fun. By the time all the sittings were done, I felt like a new person, ready to take on the world. I sincerely thank you Ms.Prajakta for being a pillar and guide through it all

– Ms Tina ( Name Changed)

Gaurai Uddanwadikar has great emotional maturity, dedication to patients and a keen desire to excel. She has the vision and the determination to achieve her goals in a systematic manner. Her interaction with colleagues and patients is always friendly and reassuring. Gaurai is deeply involved in all the many aspects of her large organization, Counseling India. I wish her all the very best.
– Dr Kurian Zachariah
Board Member, Rehabilitation Committee at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bengaluru
I was especially taken by Ms. Gaurai Uddanwadiker’s creative mind and independent work etic. She continued to asses the patients immediately and generate interesting hypotneses. We met frequently, and at several meetings, with respect to patients I had referred to her, she presented findings and conclusions that were right on the dot. Ms. Gaurai Uddanwadiker also showed remarkable problem solving ability. This is a quality that has stood her in good stead as she grew her practice.
– Dr. Karunesh Kumar,
MBBS, MD (General Medicine), CCEBDM, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist

Maitreyee has been a great guide with lots of patience. She has helped me in finding myself and my inner peace. Like a mentor, she showed me the path and helped me to overcome all my fears. She even supported me in building the confidence of walking on that path and leading a life’s journey filled with happiness, calmness and serenity

– Vandana

‘Maitreyee has helped me make several positive changes in my life since attending counseling with her. I have learned many tips to deal with life in general. Maitreyee is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel so safe telling her what’s going on with me. She has a very gentle way of pointing out what my strengths are. Her questions allow me to explore a situation from various angles and points of view. She is incredibly patient, listens intently, never judges, provides actionable insight and most importantly, she genuinely cares. Thanks for being so supportive and helpful. You’re truly a wonderful person and I am so glad I found you.’

– SR