Adult Counseling

Maitreyee has been a great guide with lots of patience. She has helped me in finding myself and my inner peace. Like a mentor, she showed me the path and helped me to overcome all my fears. Read More

– Vandana

Life was good & all but I was losing the enthusiasm & anxiety was creeping in. Got the suggestion from my friend & decided to meet Prajakta, ‘ The Counselor ‘.

And the sessions started. During those sessions, I visited my past .. Read More

– Rita (Name changed)

‘Maitreyee has helped me make several positive changes in my life since attending counseling with her. I have learned many tips to deal with life in general. Maitreyee is someone I can truly be myself with. Read More

– SR

Gaurai has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients in a very personal way, still managing to keep the connection professional as ever. She is intent on having your problem solved than worrying about what is in it for her. She is doing a fine job handling her growing work, at the same time providing personal attention to each of her clients. I wish her all the very best!
– Client receiving individual counseling services

This really assists me to discover more about myself to manage my life challenges. I am finding great results in my particular journey. Thank you for that. I would recommend every young or maturated to at least try Counselling once .. Read More

– HJ (Name changed)

Counseling can help individuals when they face:

  • Dilemmas
  • Stress
  • Confusion
  • Excessive anger, sadness or aggression
  • Procrastination
  • Professional & personal issues
  • Any addiction
  • Any Abuse- physical, emotional & / or  sexual abuse
  • Sexual Identity & Orientation Issues